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Prices include travel time, session, and therapy notes within a 20 mile radius. Additional fees, based on current IRS rates, will be accessed for travel exceeding that, along with travel time.

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The initial evaluation will include an observation period, music therapy assessment, and a sit down to include getting to know you and Q & A time.

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An individual session is a one on one therapy session. Currently, sessions are available via video telehealth or in the client home. Sessions are specifically designed for the client's needs and abilities.

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A group session is a group of individuals coming together via video telehealth or in person to work on individual needs in a group setting. This could include social skills, behaviors, communication skills and more.

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Healthcare facilities include day programs, skilled nursing, rehabilitation centers, hospice care, and more. Music therapy is used to meet the needs and abilities of the specific setting and population.

Initial Evaluation

Individual Session

Group Session

Healthcare Facilites


$80 - 30 Minutes

$150 - 1 Hour

$60 - 30 Minutes

$105 - 1 Hour

$75 - Monthly Fee

Weekly Sessions

Current Group Offerings

TREE SHAKERS and Ground Breakers
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