Pentatonic Therapies is an established healthcare practice that provides music therapy services to Macon, Georgia and the surrounding cities. It was established in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pentatonic Therapies is designed to service individuals from the community in a unique and individualized manner in the safety of your home, in person or via video telehealth outlets. Pentatonic Therapies is owned and operated by Sara Whitten, who is a licensed and board certified music therapist in the state of Georgia. 

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About Pentatnic Therapies, LLC; Music Therapy Services, Macon, Georgia;
Pentatonic Therapies, LLC; Sara Whitten - Music Therapist, Macon, Georgia

Sara is a licensed and board certified music therapist in the state of Georgia. She has experience with individuals across all ages. She has field work with individuals in various stages of life: childhood development, adolescents with blindness, adolescent development, skilled nursing care, memory loss, hospice, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

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Music therapy is a health care profession that uses music to achieve non-music goals in areas such as communication, social skills, cognitive functioning, physical ability, speech, emotional support and regulation, and behavior. It is conducted by a licensed and board certified therapist who administers an assessment, identifies target areas, sets goals and a timeline, monitors and documents progress, and re-evaluates when needed.

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Pentatonic Therapies, LLC; Music Therapy Services, Macon, Georgia; What is Music Therapy?