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Pentatonic Therapies is thrilled to announce a new addition to our group program listing that will enhance and cultivate children's learning and development through the use of music. We are partnering with Early Learning Centers to provide preschool aged children with an early intervention music therapy program called Tree Shakers and Ground Breakers. This program provides young learners the opportunity to participate in a variety of musical experiences that will have them moving, singing, reading, counting, and interacting with others. A large variety of music instruments are used during sessions to nurture creativity, enhance musicality, and broaden their awareness to the world around them. Tree Shakers and Ground Breakers will take place at the Early Learning Center's facility each week during their business hours. We are excited for current and future partnerships and are ready to begin making memories with music. To request any additional information about this program or to set up a partnership with your center, please contact us now!

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